Dieter Rebmann

Before Dieter Rebmann, born in Sindelfingen, Germany, opted to become a photographer he worked for several years in the commercial sales sector, which provided a solid basis for his chosen career. He first trained as a photographer in 1981 under Paul Swiridoff, whose portraits of prominent Germans from the fields of politics, business and show business are considered legendary in photographic circles. Rebmann gained international experience in the United States with early jobs in New York, Virginia and Florida. In 1983 he passed his masters exam in photography at the Bavarian State School of Photography in Munich, Germany.

After turning freelance, Dieter Rebmann worked in the hi-tech studios of Rene Staud near Stuttgart, Germany before seeking new challenges in perfecting his craft in jobs that saw him extensively travel the globe and take on new responsibilities. Since 1992 he has devoted his attention almost exclusively to automotive photography. Wherever he finds himself is in the world, one thing always applies: to capture the subject creatively in conjunction with the local conditions to provide an effective representation of the scene as seen through the lens. Among his many passions are vintage cars; Rebmann has attended the prestigious Concourse d’Elegance in Pebble Beach, California every year since 1993 to capture exceptional images of some of the most flamboyant cars ever produced.

In times of modern digital photography the lines between reality and fraudulency are often blurred. Not so with the work produced by Dieter Rebmann who has always sought to provide the feel and look of traditional photographic values and solid craftsmanship in his images using the latest technology. For this reason his philosophy is based around a process of composing several layers of photographs to create an overall composition.

Dieter Rebmann appreciates that he has been able to experience and benefit from the rapid development of photographic technology during his career. From traditional mechanical processes through to the digital age of today he has remained always „up to date“.


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